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“Sojourney Expeditions takes the guesswork out of great adventure. You are in solid hands with the expertise, passion, and hospitality of the Sojourney team. Our trip off the grid was exactly what was needed to bond our team and build relationships. I can’t wait to book another trip, five stars! ”

— Greg from Austin, Texas

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“My experience with Sojourney Expeditions was amazing. The staff was with us from start to finish helping take care of all the details, guided us on hikes, smoothly handled all transitions, and served us in every way imaginable. I’m more connected to my team than I thought possible after this trip and can’t wait to do it again.”

Lauren from Nashville, Tennessee


“I was blown away by the amount of preparation and by the attention to detail that was put into this trip. Because Carl thought of every aspect of the weekend, we were truly able to enjoy ourselves and not worry about a thing. ”

— Clint from Dallas, Texas

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