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Did you know that simply spending time outside together fosters genuine community, improves your team’s general well-being, reduces stress, boosts creativity, strengthens memory and attention, and increases happiness?*

Getting out of the boardroom and into the open air is more than just a healthy personal decision: it’s a smart business move. It’s a chance for your team to unplug and connect
through face-to-face conversations and unforgettable shared experiences.

With Sojourney Expeditions, taking your team on a guided, relationship-building adventure has never been easier.

We provide customized outdoor experiences that create a rhythm of rest and retreat, encourage group bonding, and refocus values and goals. After a few days with Sojourney
Expeditions, your team will emerge rejuvenated, inspired, connected and driving you towards your mission.



Carl Cooper


For Founder, Carl Cooper, it took a trip to Mount Everest's Base Camp in 2010 to spark the idea for Sojourney Expeditions. Everest challenged his emotional, physical, and spiritual being and tested Carl's idea of what life was intended to be. 

Carl has always been passionate about the outdoors, often spending lengthy portions of his summers in Colorado or escaping to his family's ranch in Central Texas. He is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University, where he received a degree in Leadership Development. 

Rafting trips on the Nile River and through the Grand Canyon awakened him to the power of adventure and the life change that could take place when people tested their limits in the wilderness. Carl has nearly a decade of experience leading diverse groups of people on outdoor expeditions. He is certified in wilderness medicine, has professionally guided white water rafting, backpacking, and rock climbing trips, and continues to adventure as a hobby in his spare time. 

Carl's second passion is exploring the stories of those around him. To him, there is power in connecting through shared experiences. Carl and his wife, Alissa, now reside in Austin, Texas, where they are heavily involved in Young Life, a Christian non-profit organization.

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“I am not a great camper, but Carl and his team removed everything we all hate about camping so that we could focus on the parts we love. His attention to detail, and preparation made my experience life-changing.”

— Michael from Austin, Texas