Our Mission

Sojourney Expeditions exists to provide life changing adventure experiences.

Sojourney is an outdoor adventure company based out of Austin, Texas. We design travel experiences that awaken the soul. We believe in the rhythm of retreating. We believe in leaving behind the "noise" of every day life. We believe the wilderness brings a slower pace and a vulnerability that can spark transformation and the renewal of life.

Our Story

Sojourney Expedition’s goal as a company is to provide people life changing adventure experiences, and we do so by designing unique adventures exploring the mountains and rivers of Big Bend National Park. On these trips we provide once-in-a-lifetime, customized experiences with an ultimate goal that these trips impact souls and redefine life views. We have found these spaces to provide a unique “reset” opportunity for groups to emerge rejuvenated and inspired on their return into the chaos of life back home.

Sojourney was founded by proud Texan, Carl Cooper. Growing up in Houston, Carl's first passions were football and baseball. After injuries derailed his aspirations to pursue athletics in college, the call of adventure soon replaced Carl's competitive drive. Rafting trips on the Nile River and through the Grand Canyon awakened him to the power of adventure and the life change that could take place when people tested their limits in the wilderness. Carl would later nurture this passion as a professional trip guide in Colorado, leading groups on white water rafting, backpacking, and rock climbing trips. Yet it was a trip to Mount Everest's Base Camp in 2010 that sparked the idea for Sojourney Expeditions. Everest utterly challenged his emotional, physical, and spiritual being and tested Carl's idea of what life was intended to be.

I am not a great camper, but Carl and his team removed everything we all hate about camping so that we could focus on the parts we love. His attention to detail, and preparation made my experience life changing. I truly benefited from un-plugging, and re-connecting with God and His creation.
— Michael Coelho: Managing Director at SageView Advisory Group